Two Train Collide In Egypt : 37 Died and More than 100 Were Injured

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After two train collide in Egypt 36 peoples have been killed and more than 100 peoples were died. Many peoples was still stuck in the train.

The incident happens at small station in the district of Khorshid, when one train coming from Cario hit back of another which was travelling from the canal city of Port Said.

"The train I was riding was going very quickly. I found myself on the floor. When we came out, we found four train cars crushed and a lot of people on the ground" said by a passenger Moumen Youssef.

Egypt transport minister has ordered an investigation into the incident that whoever was responsible for the incident, state television reported.

"When I was arrived at the place where the incident happen, I found civilian helping passengers. People were screaming, and one child was trying to find his mother. There were many bodies around us covered with white sheets" said by a civilian Sababa Al-Amin who helps the rescue efforts.

Egypt railway has poor safety record, many railway incident happens in Egypt. There government has failed to deal with transport problem with roads as well as railway lines.