Blue Whale Game : Another 16 Year Old Boy Commit Suicide

    Image Credit : NDTV

More than 200 boy commit suicide because of blue whale game. Another incident came from Kerala where a 16 year boy commit suicide.

A boy named Manoj C Manu hung himself in his house. Police visited his this morning after his family alleged that Manoj killed himself because of an online game Blue Whale, They also told that their was playing this since November after he started hurting himself.

Boys mother's said - "Manoj said, In the last stage of the game one should either commit suicide or you have to murder someone. I got scarred after hearing this and told my son to not play this game"
Boys's mother also mention that "Manoj was taking life-risking challenges that game gives.

There is no confirmatory  that the boy is playing Blue Whale game or not, there are no evidence found but the boy's mother has made these allegations and we are looking into it, "senior police officer Manoj Abraham told to NDTV

 Blue Whale game is fully banned in all over the world but there are too many links and website where this game is available. Many death happens because of this game and mostly are teens.

Government asks many online players on social media. Ensure to remove all the links where game is available but parents also have their duty to watch that whats their are doing.