7.0 Magnitude Earthquake hits in China : Death Numbers rises to 19

According China's Earthquake Network Center (CENC), On Tuesday  9.19 pm (Beijing Time) a 7.0 magnitude earthquake jolted in Chinas southwest Sichuan province.

So far 19 peoples were died and more than 247 people were injured, the government said.

This place is a popular tourist place. Jiuzhai Valley, is a nation park which basically famous for waterfall.More than 34000 peoples were visited yesterday.

After earthquake many people were include a French man and a Canadian women. The reports said that Maxence Vallon whose age is 18 from french was lost his both legs and the Canadian Women who injured in head. Both were being treated in Jiuzhaigou country's hospital. How many foreign people were injured is not exact known.

We were lying on an open ground to seek shelter when a big stone fell and hit my brother right in his leg, said by the student of Beijing.

So far more than 31500 visitor were located. President Xi Jinping said we do all the possible efforts and relief work for the injured people. Tourist vehicles and the private vehicles runs for to help the visitors. More than 1200 personal vehicles and 90 emergency vehicles were send to rescue the peoples by the Jiuzhaigou country.

Government check the impact of the earthquake and settle visitors and local peoples said President Xi Jinping.

Many peoples were stuck in Jiuzhaigou's airport waiting for flights.The airport was opened and start empty the people said media

Media said electricity are restored in affected place.The Xinjiang quake's epicenter was in Jinghe country, where about 15,0000 peoples live.