24 Year Old Biker Died In Delhi In a Crash

Bike Race become a fun for today's youngster generation. Many incident are comes in front of us for bike accident, many peoples died. Another case comes from Delhi where a 24 year old boy lost his control and died in an accident.

A 24 year boy named himanshu slammed into a wall near Mandi House metro station in central Delhi, after he died. Whole incident capture in a helmet that wore by one of his friend who is riding behind Himanshu.

"We got a call from place where accident happens. We went to the spot and found a damaged Benelli TNT 600i motorbike, pieces of glass and blood on the road" said Police.

Himanshu and his two friends Lakshay and Gazi Discussed their plan for Independence Day ride. On their way to home at 8:45 PM they reached Mandi House Metro Station, a person was crossing the road, the biker hit that person and lost his control and slammed into a college wall. Himanshu and Gazi were riding Benelli TNT 600i and Lakshay were riding Kawasaki Ninja. The whole incident capture in camera.

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Himanshu helped his father to run their family business. All three makes their plan for Independence Day where usually less traffic on the city.